NCC Announces Cave Closures for Winter 2010-2011

The Northeastern Cave Conservancy (NCC) announced today it is again closing three of its caves for the winter, effective October 3, to protect hibernating bats in response to the continuing White Nose Syndrome crisis.

The affected caves are Knox Cave, Crossbones Cave, and Ella Armstrong Cave, all in New York State. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the caves will re-open in the spring.

The other caves owned and managed by the NCC will remain open for visitation under regular visitation policies. Details about all NCC caves and visitation may be found on the NCC web site.

The NCC advises all cavers to clean and decontaminate their gear and clothing according to the protocols found on the US Fish and Wildlife web site. In addition, any gear and clothing used here should not be taken out of the region, in an effort to contain the disease.

The Northeastern Cave Conservancy is committed to the conservation, study, management, and acquisition of caves and karst areas having significant geological, hydrological, biological, recreational, historical, or aesthetic features. The NCC owns and manages nine non-commercial caves in the northeast.