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Our Mission
The Northeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (NCC) is a not-for-profit corporation committed to the conservation, study, management, and acquisition of caves and karst areas having significant geological, hydrological, biological, recreational, historical or aesthetic features.

To these ends, the NCC combines the resources
and expertise of affiliated cave explorers, educators, scientists, landowners, and conservation officials.

The NCC programs are focused mainly on the preservation of caves and karst. Outreach includes education in schools and local communities, establishment of park spaces on karstlands, and educational messages about the significance of groundwater pollution on this sensitive underground ecosystem.

Join Us and Help Preserve Our Natural Resources
The NCC currently owns several cave and karst areas, including Clarksville Cave, Knox Cave, Onesquethaw Cave, Merlins Cave, Ella Armstrong Cave, Bentley's Cave, and the Sellecks Karst Preserve.

NCC members assist in the exploration, survey, and protection of these natural resources, and keep them safe so you can explore them yourself.

Joining the NCC costs as little as $15 per year   —   just over 4¢ per day   —   and even less if you're a student. Membership dues are tax-deductible and can be earmarked for an NCC project of your choice.

- View the NCC brochure   —   a two page PDF document that includes a membership application.

- Learn about Volunteer Valuean article that describes how the NCC handles volunteer value.  Be sure to submit your volunteer value hours!

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NCC Calendar
Board Meeting
Sunday, August 24th, 2014 10:00AM, at Speleobooks.
Ceremony for the Benson's Cave Preserve to follow at 3PM, at the Benson's property.


NCC Announces Winter 2013-2014 Cave Closures

The NCC urges all cavers to keep all caving gear region specific to prevent the spread of WNS. Please avoid using gear that has been in northeast caves in other parts of the country.

US Fish and Wildlife's deconamination procedures.

Latest News

- WNS Informational Brochure - Latest Update
- National Speleological Society's page of WNS information, with media guide on WNS articles..
- US Fish and Wildlife's White Nose page
- Al Hick's 11/29/08 WNS presentation

How to help - What you can do to help with the White Nose Syndrome problem:

NCC Projects

NCC Members prepare to work on the Merlins Preserve parking area & trail.

(Picture by John Dunham, 9/11)